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Original items from Mid Atlantic artists ranging from oil on canvas to signed prints. 


John Lennon, framed print. 28x24.  $79

Jazz Man.  Signed Anna Marie Zabielski.   Original Watercolor.  24 x 28.  $359

Valley Green. Signed Howard Watson, original watercolor. 24x30.   $759

Cheers to Cold Beer.  $59

Roman Warriors. $59 & $89

Moss Animal Print. 20x24.  P. Buckley Moss.  $79

Woman. Oil on Canvas. Original signed R. Lewey. Circa 1965. 25x18.  $179

Man with Beige Coat. Original signed R. Lewey. circa 1965.  30x24.  $289


Light House Oil on Canvas signed R. Kay (18 x20) matted and framed.  $99

Angel with Horn Print.  22 x 30.                Cindy Samboy.  $89

Cottage Village overlooking Sea. 25x31, $119

Ephrata, PA Buildings, Star Barn. 10 x 20. Beautiful frame, ceramic pieces on felt. Building descriptions on back. $69


Original Signed Evelyn Schott Painting.  Country Setting. 19x23. $79


Man Smoking. Original R. Lewy oil on canvas. 30x24.   $449

Spirit of 1776_edited_edited.jpg

Spirit of 1776 Painted tiles.       21 x 15.   $39.00


Garden Scene. 29x32. $69


Noah Print "After the Flood" by Zvi Livni signed 12 of 100  32" x 24" framed  $179.00


Eric H Mohn Print.jpg

Eric G Mohn print  "Courting"  Signed  and Numbered  31.5" x 25.25" framed  $129.00  



Tiger Woods Photo, Framed, Signed.  Brass Tiger Plate. $49


Norman Rockwell " No Swimming" 19 x 17.  $39

Woman Praying.  Original Oil on Canvas. 17x21. Signed J. Coleman. $59

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